Saturday, October 01, 2005

Genius bar

I finally connected a power cord back to my iMac. The computer was at Apple Store because the harddrive crashed. I bet my cousin five bucks that there would be no software on the disk. That was foolish: the iMac boot up into Tiger, even though the computer originally came with OS X 10.3.

But the real surprise came when I ran Software Update. It offered to install this:
The iMac G5 Sleep Light Update adjusts the brightness of your iMac G5 sleep indicator light so it's not as bright during the evening. The daytime brightness remains the same.
I bet Steve will put a light sensor in the next revision of hardware: the heuristic doesn't work if you live in a cave.

More to the point: does anyone know of a RAID solution in a 1TB range for a small Mac network? I will not lose my photos again, no sir.


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